Consulting Service

                                         Provide advisory to tax and accounting problems including the tailor-made management techniques for each business

                                         Experienced consultants with English, Thai and Japanese language spoken

                                         Set up basic system for accounting, tax planning, and internal control

                                         Provide and setup accounting application such as Express, Winspeed, Myaccount.

                                         Provide monthly management accounts such as simple profit and loss reports to more complex reporting

                                              such as cash flow forecasting and budgeting

                                         Educate your staffs to handle correctly according to the set up system and to apply accounting application.

                                         Regularly visit at least once a month to check and confirm correctness of bookkeeping and issuing of financial reports

                                         Provide necessary information on taxation and accounting while report to managements of relevant findings.

                                              Analyze business performances compared to previous periods and plans

                OUR SERVICE.                                                                      OTHER SERVICE

                     Accounting & Taxation                                                            Company  Registration
                     Setup Accounting System                                                        Tax Filing Service
                     Setup Accounting Application                                                   Visa & Work Permit
                         - Myaccount , prosoft I-BIT (On cloud)                                     Translation Service
                         - Winspeed , Express                                                            (Thai - English - Japanese)
                     Bookkeeping                                                                         Payroll 
                     Consulting & Tax planing                                                          
                     Training Accounting Routine Job
                     Reviewing Documents and Transactions